Baby Keepsakes

The Nursery Shop is pleased to work closely with local professional artists to capture those precious memories of your baby and child. Capture memories as a photograph or cast terracotta print of feet and hands by making an appointment at one of the monthly sittings held at The Nursery Shop.

Samples of the artists high quality work are on display at The Nursery Shop in Abingdon where you can also make an appointment.

Next Sittings.

Photograph: To be advised 

Baby Prints: To be advised

To make an appointment please contact us via phone or email or alternatively contact the artists directly via their websites.

Baby Prints.

Baby hand and feet casts

Beautiful framed three-dimensional casts of your child's hands and feet in delicate shades of terracotta...

Baby prints Baby hand casts

Prices from £49.00

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Baby Photographs.

Baby photograph

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